• Forest School
    Outdoor Adventure
    Forest School is the most fun you can have with a stick, a bit of rope, a potato peeler and double sided sticky tape. From "throwing a tarp" to treasure trails, this outside activity is a true adventure for all.
  • Big Cook Little Cook
    Community Cooking
    Enjoying good food!

Imagine a Forest School Nursery...

A unique opportunity for your child to learn and flourish in a natural woodland environment...







Welcome to the Adventure Hyndburn and Little Stars Nurseries website. Here you will discover who we are and the range of activities that we do.

Adventure Hyndburn has grown out of Sure Start Hyndburn and delivers services to the community, in partnership with schools, as well as, engaging corporate partners to make a real difference to the communities of Hyndburn. Click here for more details on the range of activities to support children and families in Hyndburn to live, learn and grow!

The Little Stars part of our website enables you to explore the five not-for-profit nurseries across Hyndburn – all different but all led by trained, skilled staff with a passion for supporting children to live, learn and grow in confidence.

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